Nutritional Counseling

Eat Right to Feel Right

You know the importance of eating right. But what we know does not always translate into what we do, simply because it’s so hard in today’s world. This lack of proper nutritional consumption can often lead to problems such as hormone imbalance, fatigue and chronic inflammation and pain.

Our practice understands the difficulties with eating well in a world of fast food, pizza delivery, and long working hours. We know the importance of convenience and ready-made food, all while maintaining proper nutritional and vitamin intake. With this knowledge, we have designed tests and can recommend proper supplementation and stress management programs to help you recover your health.

Testing Your Health

When you want to get your nutrition right, we will start with three different tests to evaluate your current health levels. A saliva swab will test your hormones, food sensitivity, and thyroid levels. We will then collect a strand of hair to show which minerals you need more of. Finally, we will ask you to fill out a symptom questionnaire so that we can better understand your day to day experiences.

Supplements for Your Body and Your Stress

We primarily use two companies for our supplements—Standard Process for our main whole food supplements, and Mediherb for our herbal supports. We have vigorously tested and vetted all the products from both suppliers to ensure top-notch quality. These supplements can moderate your adrenal system, temper your anxiety and stress levels, and help you sleep better at night.